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Save time and money.

No need to scour circulars or hunt for prices in stores. Just scan a product and get real-time pricing in seconds from nearby stores thanks to our community of PriceSpotters.
You can scan your favorite products anywhere, anytime, in-store, from the comfort of home, or at the office.
And now you can search for products without needing to scan a barcode. We’re also hard at work on a super smart grocery list – just add what you want to buy and we’ll crunch the numbers to help you save the most money.

Save together.

We’re a community. And thanks to our PriceSpotters, we already have over three million list and sale prices of products at local stores in our launch cities. We’re all about sharing the love. When you enter prices for products, you add to our ever-expanding database and help shoppers just like you save precious time and money. That’s good karma. Even better, you receive cash rewards for contributing to the community.
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“…made me rethink buying my usual products at my usual store. $10 savings a week ends up being considerable savings at the end of the month!”
Compare & Save

Compare and save.

Compare nearby store prices on different sizes as well as similar products to be sure you meet your shopping budget while maintaining your standards of quality.

Earn Rewards.

PriceSpotting will reward you for entering valid prices from your local grocery stores. Earn 20 points for each regular and sale price you enter. Once you earn at least 1000 points you can trade your points in for real cash. Yup – real cash, people.
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Add Your Favorite Stores

Don’t see your favorite place to shop? Tell us about it (and even take a picture!) and it’ll go right in our database so you can get product prices where you want, when you want. Even better, you’ll receive cash rewards for contributing prices from your favorite stores.


Add Your City

We’ve launched in the Washington, DC metro region. San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, and New York are around the corner but we’re live across the United States, with hundreds of thousands of store locations. Help the PriceSpotting community by entering prices for products at your favorite local stores to add your city.  Did we mention you’ll also receive cash rewards for contributing prices?


Favorite Products

With over three million local prices for products in our launch cities, we strive to have the products you care about most. Favorite those frequently purchased products for quick access to real-time pricing.  If your favorite product is missing, add it to the community.